Thin Wall-Flame Retardant

Heatshrink-Thin Wall-Flame Retardant

CABRICAL XLP thin wall Heatshrink Tubing is a Chemically Cross-Linked. It will withstand -55°C to 135°C for normal operating conditions and 250°C for short intervals. The heatshrink can easily be shrunk with a heat gun or a heat tunnel. All heatshrink in this range is flame retardant.

Heatshrink-Thin Wall

  1. Highly flexible
  2. Flame retardant
  3. Abrasion and impact resistant
  4. For use in all electrical and electronic applications
  5. Full range 1.5mm to 125mm diameter with 2:1 shrink ratio
  6. Available in most colours on reels.

CABRICAL’s XLP heatshrink tubing has numerous uses in the electrical and associated industries, including insulation, colour coding and mechanical protection.

Thin Wall-Heat RetardantThin Wall-Chart 2