Hole Saws

Hole Saws

CABRICAL Metal Cutting Hole Saws are a high speed bi-metal style hole saw for heavy duty cutting of thin metal, stainless steel and hard timbers.  They come in a full range including kits, and various arbors.

  1. High speed steel bi-metal edge welded to an alloy steel back for heavy cutting
  2. Variable tooth pattern for better cutting
  3. Size from 14mm to 102mm
  4. Cutting depth 35mm to 47mm
  5. Cuts through stainless steel and other materials including pipe, nail embedded wood, hard wood, plywood and plastics

These saws can be used in low speed or speed adjustable electric drills, pneumatic tools, vertical drilling machines, lathes, boring machines, milling machines etc.  The saws are supplied without an arbor, these must be ordered separately.

Hole Saws-Tools.

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