Braided Sleeving

CABRICAL’s Braided Sleeving is an expandable flexible harness, manufactured from monofilament polyester. It’s main characteristic consists in the construction of the braiding which allows the product to increase its interior diameter considerably and at the same time contracting in length.

Spiral Binding-BlackSpiral Binding-Neutral

Spiral Binding

CABRICAL’s Spiral Binding is designed to wrap around bundles of wires to make neat looms and protect the conductors. Each Spiral Binding type accommodates a large range of diameters and allows break outs at any point. We offer two grades: natural for indoor use and black for UV resistant outdoor use. It is quick and easy to apply.


Slotted PVC Trunking

Selection of Cabrical PVC Trunking, click to view our products.

Flexible Grommet

Flexible Grommets

CABRICAL’s Flexible Grommet protects cables against sharp edges and abrasion on panel holes. It is supplied in 2m rolls and can be cut to length. It snaps into place and fi ts circular or irregular shapes.

Rubber Grommets

Flexible Rubber Grommet

Flexible Rubber Grommets, for protecting wires from sharp corners in panel and chassis holes.

P Clips

P Clips

CABRICAL’s “P” Clips provide an economical and secure way to mount cables and looms to just about anything. The cable, loom etc. is simply slipped into the clip and then the clip can be screwed or bolted to walls, cabinets etc.

Stick on MountsSSTTT1

Tie Tensioners and Stick-on Mounts

Selection of Cabrical Tie Tensioners and Stick-on Mounts, click to view our products.


Nylon Plugs

Nylon Plugs

Handy snap in Nylon Plugs that snap into a hole in a panel or chassis 0.8 to 3.2mm thick.

Strain Relief Bushing

Strain Relief Bushings (Grommets)

CABRICAL’s Strain Relief Bushings are designed to clamp around a cord and then are inserted into a straight sided panel hole, using an SRBTOOL.