10M PVC Insulation Tape

10M PVC Insulation Tape

Cabrical’s Insulation Tape is a high quality product, that maintains it’s elasticity and adhesion in the long term.  The tape is made of PVC and as such is resistant to acid, alkali, solvents, cold, and is flame retardant.  This tape can be used for basic insulation, as well as harnessing and general wire wrapping.  The tape is supplied in rolls of 10.

10M Insulation Tape

Size:  10M

Cabrical Code            Description

ITBK1010A-Black Pack of 10 Rolls
ITRD1010A-Red Pack of 10 Roll
ITWH1010A-White Pack of 10 Roll
ITBL1010A-Blue Pack of 10 Roll
ITGR1010A-Green Pack of 10 Roll
ITYL1010A-Yellow Pack of 10 Rolls

Technical Data:

Nominal reel dimensions: 10M long, 18mm wide
Tape Backing: PVC
Adhesive: Rubber Based
Thickness: 0.13mm
Adhesion: 1.8N/cm²
Tensile Strength: 28N/cm²
Elongation: 160%
Breakdown Voltage: 8kV