XDW Thin Wall

XDW is a Thin Walled Heatshrink Tube with a Glue Lined inner surface. It is made from a dual extrusion of polyolefin and adhesive. It is commonly referred to as ‘dual walled’.

Heatshrink-Thin Wall-Flexible

  1. Highly flexible
  2. Very high shrink ratio 3:1
  3. Flame retardant
  4. Good mechanical adhesion

This is a heatshrink with many applications in the electrical and mechanical protection areas. Since the glue holds the tubing in place it is commonly used for brake and fuel pipe protection in the automotive industry. Typical electrical applications are strain relief on cords, and insulation repair. In general this heatshrink is not recommended for waterproofing since the glue layer is primarily a mechanical adhesion and is thin. Use CABRICAL’s SMDW medium wall heatshrink for fail safe waterproof joints.

Cabrical CodePre Shrink Diameter (MM)After Shrink Diameter (MM)Recovered Wall Thickness (MM)Standard Length (M)

*Note: Wall thickness includes the glue liner.

Technical Data:

Meets SONY Standard: SS-00259, RoHS
Conformant Standards: UL125°C VW-1 600V File No: E20401
Material: Dual wall, flexible, flame retardant (except clear)
Continuous Operating Temperature: -45°C to +125°C
Shrinkage Temperature: Starts at 80°C to -125°C Fully Recovered
Tensile Strength: 10.4 MPa
Elongation at Break Point: 200%
Longitudinal Shrinkage:
0 to -10%
Breakdown Voltage: 20kV/mm wall thickness
Volume Resistivity:
1.0 x 1014 ohm cm
Water Absorption: <0.5%
Flammability: All tubing flame test: pass
Voltage Rating: 600V