SSTT1-Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tensioner.


SSTTT2-Robust Stainless Steel Tie Tensioner, Tensions and cuts in one operation.


Stick-on Mounts

The SAM range of stick-on mounting bases are low profile and 4-way bases that stick onto virtually any surface. Simply peel the backing paper and stick onto any clean, dry, smooth, non-greasy surface. Standard and light duty ties insert and secure easily for all types of bundling needs. These stick-on mounts are not recommended for outdoor use.

Stick on Mounts

Cabrical CodeBase Dimension L & WHeightMaximum Tie WidthStandard Pack Quantity
Natural-Indoor Use
SAM19NT19.0 x
SAM25NT27.7 x
Black-UV Resistant
SAM19BK19.0 x
SAM25BK27.7 x