Medium Wall

Heatshrink-Medium Wall Glue Line & Unlined

SMDW is a Medium Walled Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heatshrink Tube which is used primarily for waterproof jointing and sealing cable terminations. The TK version of the heatshrink has a hot melt glue liner which melts as the heatshrink is shrunk and creates a strong bond between the cable jacket and the tube. The joint can then be directly buried or even submerged in water. The heatshrink can also be supplied unlined for insulation and mechanical protection.

Heatshrink-Medium Wall

CABRICAL SMDW Medium Wall Heatshrink – Glue Lined 1.2m lengths
        Code                                 Size
SMDW12/3TK                    Med Wall 12/3 Black
SMDW22/6TK                    Med Wall 22/6 Black
SMDW33/8TK                    Med Wall 33/8 Black
SMDW40/12TK                    Med Wall 40/12 Black
SMDW55/16TK                    Med Wall 55/16 Black
SMDW65/19TK                    Med Wall 65/19 Black
SMDW75/22TK                    Med Wall 75/22 Black
SMDW95/25TK                    Med Wall 95/25 Black
SMDW115/34TK                    Med Wall 115/34 Black
SMDW140/42TK                    Med Wall 140/42 Black

Technical Data

Conformant StandardsIEC: VDE: ASTM

Material Cross-linked polyolefin withThermoplastic mastic sealantNote: Unlined tube may be ordered(Without sealant)

Continuous Operating Temperature -55°C to +110°C

Shrinkage Temperature Fully Recovered 120°C

Tensile Strength > 14 MPa

Elongation at Break Point 400%

Longitudinal Shrinkage 0 to -10%

Dielectric Strength > 20 kV/mm wall thickness

Volume Resistivity > 1014 ohm cm

Water Absorption < 0.15% – polyolefin n< 0.2% – adhesive

Flammability Do not use SMDW in flame prone areas

UV Resistant