Medium Wall Glue Line & Unlined

SMDW is a Medium Walled Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heatshrink Tube which is used primarily for waterproof jointing and sealing cable terminations. The TK version of the heatshrink has a hot melt glue liner which melts as the heatshrink is shrunk and creates a strong bond between the cable jacket and the tube. The joint can then be directly buried or even submerged in water. The heatshrink can also be supplied unlined for insulation and mechanical protection.


Thin Wall-Flame Retardant

CABRICAL XLP thin wall Heatshrink Tubing is a Chemically Cross-Linked. It will withstand -55°C to 135°C for normal operating conditions and 250°C for short intervals. The heatshrink can easily be shrunk with a heat gun or a heat tunnel. All heatshrink in this range is flame retardant.


Thin Wall-Flexible

XDW is a Thin Walled Heatshrink Tube with a Glue Lined inner surface. It is made from a dual extrusion of polyolefin and adhesive. It is commonly referred to as ‘dual walled’.



Wrap Around/Zipper Tube

RWSM Zipper Tube is a Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heatshrink ‘Tube’ which is folded around the cable, zipped up with a stainless steel channel and then shrunk.


Heatshrink End Caps

End Caps

CABRICAL’s Heatshrink End Caps are used for sealing cable ends during installation or storage. They are made from cross-linked polyolefin and have a hot melt glue liner that bonds the cap to the cable jacket.

Heatshrink Boots


Heatshrink Boots are used to seal and waterproof cable terminations, by sealing the insulated conductors to the cable jacket. They have a hot melt glue liner which melts while the boot is shrinking and creates a strong bond between the boot and the cable.