Wrap Around/Zipper Tube

RWSM Zipper Tube is a Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heatshrink ‘Tube’ which is folded around the cable, zipped up with a stainless steel channel and then shrunk.

Heatshrink-Wrap Around/Zipper Tube

  1. Cable repair without cutting the cable
  2. Ideal for in situ field installation
  3. Jointing in tight areas
  4. Re-entering a joint with minimal disruption, unlike epoxy joint
  5. 100% waterproof and low water absorption
  6. Quick start up time, after completing joint
  7. Repair of unpressurised pipes
  8. Non meltable
  9. Resistant to decay, chemicals, corrosion

Installation recommendations are virtually the same as for SMDW. When applying heat, check that carbonisation or crazing does not occur and do not apply heat directly onto the stainless steel channel. When shrinkage has been completed, the stippled effect on the tube surface will not be noticeable since thermochroic paint has changed colour.

Cabrical CodeRecommended App. Range: Max (MM)Recommended App. Range: Min (MM)Pre Shrink (MM)D After Shrink (MM)W After Shrink (MM)L Std Lengths (M)

Technical Data:

Conformant Standards: IEC; VDE; DIN
Material: Cross-linked polyolefin with hot melt adhesive lining and stainless steel channel
Continuous Operating Temperature: -40°C to +110°C
Shrinkage Temperature: Starts at 105°C, completed 125°C
Tensile Strength: 17 MPa (excluding channel)
Elongation at Break Point: 350% (excluding channel)
Longitudinal Shrinkage:
Breakdown Voltage: 12kV/mm wall thickness
Volume Resistivity:
1.0 x 1016 ohm cm
Water Absorption: 0.1%
Flammability: Do not use in flame prone areas
UV Resistance: Passed-ISO 1408

Wrap Around-Chart3Wrap Around-Chart4