Cable Ties

Cabrical Cable ties, manufactured from nylon, meet most basic cable tie needs, with choices covering a wide range of requirements for size and strength.CABRICAL Cable ties One-piece, injection moulded construction provides maximum strength and adjustability for securing all sizes of bundles. Extra features such as rounded edges and bent-tip design make installation easy, fast, accurate and secure. Cable tie installation tools are not required but are suggested where controlled, uniform tension and cut-off applications are desired.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Cabrical’s Stainless Steel cable ties are a quick, effective way of securing cables that are in a hostile environment. They have a unique ball bearing locking mechanism that allows the tie to be quickly and easily installed, but not undone. They install much quicker than traditional strapping systems. The heavy duty ties have an off-set tip to speed insertion of the tie. The ties are made from 316, non magnetic stainless steel. Ties are packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. Typical uses are flame-proof installations, the chemical industry and long-term external exposure.