Insulated Single Conductor

The sleeves should be slipped over the stripped conductor, and crimped with one of our HNKE range of crimp tools.  Crimp is only to hold sleeve on conductor until screw of terminal housing makes connection.


Twin Wire BLFT Bootlace Ferrules

The twin wire BLFT range is specifically designed to terminate two wires in the same terminal.  With the development of smaller switches and devices, housing have become smaller.  The twin wire BLFT solves these problems in a quick and easy way.


Un-Insulated Bootlace Pins-Cord End Connectors

Cabrical un-insulated bootlace pins are used to terminate conductors, by containing the strands in a thin walled copper sleeve.  Crimping of the sleeves is optional, since the screw in the terminal will “crimp” the connection.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Block Connector Strip


Pre-Insulated Terminals

All terminals should be crimped onto the conductor using a Cabrical crimper or any quality crimper that is designed to crimp the specific terminal type. If unsure of the terminal/conductor/crimper combination refer to the technical information following and test the nominal pull out force of the crimped connection. If the conductor does not pull out when the nominal pull out force is applied and held for one minute, this will give a good indication of the integrity of the joint. We offer a vast range of crimpers for various applications and terminal types that are shown in the tooling section at the back of this catalogue.