Copper Ferrules

Cabrical Copper Ferrules

CABRICAL’s Ferrules are made from 99.9%+ cu IACS high conductivity copper which gives the best electrical properties possible.  Because the copper is oxygen free, CABRICAL’s Ferrules are capable of withstanding a continuous operating temperature of 155°C, which is well above normal capabilities of copper ferrules.

Copper Ferrules.

Conformant Standards:

Copper Ferrules-Cabrical.Copper Ferrules-Chart 1

Technical Data:

Conductive Material Conformant Standards:SANS lEC 1238-1: 1993
Copper 99.95% pure
Oxygen Content 30 ppm max
Tensile Strength 200 MPa
Ductile Rating 40%
Final Metal State Fully Annealed
Operating Temperature
-55°C to 155°C due to oxygen-free copper
Electroplating Material
Tin 99.9% pure
Other Metals Lead + Antimony
Thickness 4 microns
General Electrical Properties
Total Conductivity 99.7% IACS
Total Resistivity 1.738 micro-ohm cm