Cabrical Ratchet Cable Cutters

Armoured Cable Ratchet Cable Cutter – 3 x 300mm2

Compact ratchet cable cutter, designed to cut 3 x 300mm2 cable and 100mm2 copper aluminium armoured cable.  The handles extend and lock into place.  To open the cutter, release the blade ratchet by pulling the handles completely open.  Supplied with a canvas carry bag.

  1. Length: 480mm (handles not extended)
  2. Weight: 6.5kg



Ratchet Cable Cutter, Compact – Up to 400mm2

This cutter is a compact single hand operated cutter, that will cut up to 52mm outside diameter, with a nominal maximum capacity of 400mm2.  For cutting annealed copper and aluminium cables only, not hardened overhead style aluminium or ACSR.  It’s small size allows it to fit in the average tool box.  The ratchet reduces hand effort.

  1. Length: 260mm
  2. Weight: 820g



Ratchet Cable Cutters, Compact – Up to 300m2

Ratchet operated cable cutter.  Compact cutter for cutting annealed copper and aluminium conductors up to 300mm2 (maximum 32mm outside diameter.) Small size enables cutting in tight spots.  Ratchet reduces hand effort.  New wide ratchet for longer life.

  1. Length: 260mm
  2. Weight: 680g


Replacement Blades
Y-K683T/3 Moving blade
Y-K683T/4 Fixed blade