XLPE Copper Lugs

XLPE Copper Lugs

Cabrical’s XLPE Heavy Duty Copper Lugs are specifically manufactured for use on compacted XLPE Copper cable. They are made from 99.9%+ cu high conductivity annealed copper which gives the best electrical properties possible.  They are capable of withstanding a continuous operating temperature of 155°C, which is well above the temperature properties of most lugs.  The lugs have no window, because they are generally used outdoors.

XLPE Copper Lugs-Cabrical.

Cabrical CodeSizeDescription
CXL351035 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL351235 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL351635 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL501050 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL501250 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL501650 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL701070 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL701270 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL701670 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL951095 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL951295 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL951696 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL12010120 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL12012120 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL12016120 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL15010150 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL15012150 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL15016150 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL18510185 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL18512185 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL18516185 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL24010240 x 10XLPE Lug
CXL24012240 x 12XLPE Lug
CXL24016240 x 16XLPE Lug
CXL300300XLPE Lug (Blank)
CXL400400XLPE Lug (Blank)
CXL500500XLPE Lug (Blank)
CXL630630XLPE Lug (Blank)

Technical Data:

Conformant Standards: SANS lEC 1238-1: 1993
Copper: 99.95% pure
Oxygen Content:
30 ppm Max
Ductile Rating: 40%
Final Metal State: Fully Annealed
Operating Temperature: -55°C to 155°C due to Oxygen-Free Copper
Electroplating Material:
Tin: 99.9% pure
Other Metals: Lead and Antimony
4 Microns
General Electrical Properties:
Total Conductivity: 99.7% IACS
Total Resistivity:
1.738 Micro-Ohm CM