Cable Stockings-CG30, 45, 60, 75

Cable Stockings

Cabrical’s range of stockings are the most common type of stockings, used for general cable hauling.  They have a single eye and are integrally woven on a central axis.  The stockings are slipped over the end of the cable, and grip when pulled.  They are made of two ply, galvanized steel wire strand with an alloy ferrule and soft eye.

Crimping Tools

Bootlace Crimper-Tools.

Bootlace Crimpers

Low cost tool with a huge crimp range, for bootlace ferrules, insulated and un-insulated from 0.5 – 16mm2.  The jaws are ribbed to create a roughened surface on the ferrule to increase “locking” on the terminal.

Combo Non-Ratchet Crimper.

Combination Non-Ratchet Crimper 1.5 – 6mm2

Combination crimp tool.  Low cost tool for crimping pre-insulated red, blue and yellow terminals, and copper lugs and un-insulated terminals 1.5 – 6mm2.  Includes cutter, bolt cutter and wire stripper.


Copper Lug Hand Crimpers

Low cost ratchet lug crimper.  Indent crimper for copper lugs 1.5 – 10mm2.  A ratchet operation ensures correct crimp and reduced hand effort


Die-Less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper.

Die-Less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper

The HNKE9 bootlace ferrule crimper has a unique crimp action, which automatically crimps a range of terminals from 0.25 – 6mm2.


Pre-Insulated Terminal Crimper.

Pre-Insulated Terminal Crimpers

This tool is very useful for general electrical installation, in that it combines red and blue pre-insulated terminal jaws, with bootlace terminal jaws 0.25mm2 – 2.5mm2 (BLF025 to BLF250).

Pro Crimper Tool.

Professional Crimper Tool-Super High Leverage Economic Handle

High precision ratchet style crimping tool for red, blue and yellow pre-insulated terminals

Hand Cutters

Ratchet Cable Cutter.

Cabrical Ratchet Cable Cutters

Compact ratchet cable cutter, designed to cut 3 x 300mm2 cable and 130mm2 aluminium armoured cable.  The handles extend and lock into place.  To open the cutter, release the blade ratchet by pulling the handles completely open.


Cabrical Cable Cutters

Selection of Cabrical Cable Cutters, click to view our products.


Heat Gun-Electrical General Purpose

Hot air gun with 2 temperature and airflow stages


Hole Cutters

CABRICAL’s Hole Cutters are designed for long life and allow fast cutting of accurately sized holes in metal, steel and plastic.  They can be used with a hand drill or press mounted drill and can cut a precision hole.

2 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - ‘C’ Head

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Selection of Cabrical Hydraulic Crimping Tools, click to view our products.


Hydraulic Foot Pump-Double Stage

Double stage foot pump for faster crimping and cutting.  

Pliers and Side-Cutters

Electrical Pliers-Tools.

Electrical Pliers

Selection of Cabrical Electrical Pliers, click to view our products.

Long Nose Pliers-1000V

Long Nose Pliers

Selection of Cabrical Long Nose Pliers, click to view our products.

Side Cutter 1000V Rated.

Side Cutters

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This range of screwdrivers feature fully insulated shafts.