Hydraulic Crimping Tools

12 and 13 Tonne HEX Dies

Cabrical’s range of 12 and 13 tonne dies are standard international dies that will fit most 12 tonne tools.  The range shown is our standard range, any specials can be manufactured to order.

Hydraulic Crimping Tools.Hydraulic CrimpingTools_Table1

12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper – Remote “C” Head

  1. Wide throat ‘C’ head with a 38mm opening
  2. They should be used with a CABRICAL remote pump, or any pump developing 700 bar (10,000 psi) pressure
  3. Suit standard CABRICAL 12 tonne dies
  4. Crimp range to 400mm2

CP400H Large throat opening ‘C’ head, 38mm


12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - Remote “C” Head

2 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper – ‘C’ Head

CABRICAL’s 12 tonne ‘C’ head hydraulic crimpers come with 38mm throat opening.

  1. Quality manufacture and robust design will give years of trouble free service
  2. Nominal force of 13.3 tonnes at the die faces
  3. Head rotates 180º for work in tight spaces
  4. Two speed unit, which advances the dies at a high speed until a crimping force is encountered, and then automatically changes to a low speed. This saves time and effort in the crimping process.
  5. Nominal largest die size is 400mm2
  6. Accepts standard South Africa and international 12 tonne dies
  7. Safety valve that protects against over pressure
  8. Supplied in a case which houses up to 15 die sets

CP400 Standard ‘C’ head, 38mm throat

2 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - ‘C’ Head2 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - ‘C’ Head

5 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper

The CABRICAL CHX185 tool is a 5 tonne tool that is exceptionally light weight, and is designed primarily for the overhead linesman.  It can be operated with one hand, and is small enough to be carried in the linesman’s tool pouch.

  1. Nominal force 5 tonne at die faces
  2. Hexagonal dies for standard South African dimensions
  3. Largest die size 185mm2 CU lug
  4. Only 3 pumping operations required to complete crimp
  5. Trigger release
  6. Compact
  7. Ideal for overhead or confined applications
  8. Reduced opening width of handles
  9. Rubber insulated handles
  10. Safety valve to protect against overpressure
  11. Head rotates 180º
  12. The tool can be operated with one hand whilst using the other to ensure correct positioning of crimp
  13. Being light weight, authorities recommend this tool to reduce health and safety risk
  14. Length: 373mm
  15. Weight: 2.6kg without dies and case

The CHX185 is supplied in a case with 20 die storage pockets..

5 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper.5 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper-2

Economy 12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper – “C” Head

Economically priced 12 tonne tool with two stage pumping action which means rapid advancement of the piston in the early stages of the crimping process, with a “gear change” as the dies close on the lug, reducing crimp time dramatically.  Nominal force 12 tonnes at the die face.  Automatic trip out when maximum pressure is reached, to stop over pressure in the tool.
The head rotates 180º for work in tight spaces.  Handles are made from reinforced glass fibre, to guard against accidental electrocution.  The head is a standard “C” head accepting standard 12 tonne dies.  Die range 16mm2 – 300mm2.  Refer to die selection charts in this section.  The tool is supplied in a heavy duty plastic carry case which houses 10 die sets.

  1. Length: 660mm
  2. Weight: 7,4kg
  3. Throat opening 38mm


Economy 12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - “C” Head.Economy 12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper - “C” Head-2