Braided Sleeving

Cabrical’s Braided Sleeving is an expandable flexible harness, manufactured from monofilament polyester. It’s main characteristic consists in the construction of the braiding which allows the product to increase its interior diameter considerably and at the same time contracting in length.

Wire harnessing is made easy due to the expandability and ease of insertion of different diameters within the same sleeving. Wires can also be poked through the sleeving at any point, to do harness breakouts.

  1. Mechanical and thermal protection of conductors
  2. Expandable
  3. Heat resistant
  4. Resistant to aggressive agents
  5. Easy to install
  6. Standard Colour – Black
Cabrical CodeSize (MM)Range (MM)Description
CEPB3BK32-6Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB5BK53-8Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB6BK64-10Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB8BK86-12Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB10BK108-16Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB12BK1210-18Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB14BK1412-22Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB15BK1512-25Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB20BK2015-27Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB25BK2520-30Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB30BK3025-32Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB40BK4030-44Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB50BK5040-55Braided Sleeving-Black
CEPB60BK6050-65Braided Sleeving-Black

Technical Data:

Material: Polyester
Operating Temperature: -50°C to 150°C
Expansion Ratio: 1:2
Monofilament Diameter: 0.22mm
Chemical Resistant: Resistant to most aggressive chemicals.