CBWR Rotary Cone Cable Glands

CABRICAL CBWR rotary cone brass cable glands have a high quality Nickel plating.  These glands may be used indoors or outdoors, to provide clamping of the armouring ensuring earth continuity, and to provide mechanical retention of the cable.

CBWR Rotary Cone

Size:  0 – 7
Accessories:  Shrouds & Earth Tags
Standards:  CABRICAL Cable Glands are manufactured in accordance with SANS/SABS 1213

Cabrical CodeSizeDescription
CBWR00Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR11Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR22Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR33Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR44Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR55Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR66Rotary Cone Gland
CBWR77Rotary Cone Gland