Insulated Single Conductor Bootlace Ferrules

CABRICAL Bootlace Ferrules are used to terminate conductors, by containing the strands in a thin walled copper sleeve that is crimped onto the conductor.  The sleeve stops screws in the terminal from breaking strands.  With the use of larger diameter flexible cables, the range is continually growing, so please contact our sales department if an item you need is not shown.


There are three basic types of BLF:

  1. Insulated single conductor style

  2. Twin conductor style

  3. Uninsulated cord end sleeves

The sleeves should be slipped over the stripped conductor, and crimped with one of our HNKE range of crimp tools.  Crimp is only to hold sleeve on conductor until screw of terminal housing makes connection.

Bootlace Ferrules-Single Conductor.